April 9, 2019 Release

Our widget releases series continues today with 3 new widgets!

Dropdown widget in dynamic mode

Where static mode comes short, the new dynamic mode opens up many possibilities by allowing you to request one of your internal routes.

Check out what you can do in our detailed example.

Dropdown widget for foreign key fields

If your fields is a foreign key to one of your collections, the default widget is an autocomplete input.

From now on, you can also choose "dropdown" as your edit widget and add a filter:

This gives you better control over your options, as you can see in this quick example.


File viewer widget

To view your files easily, you can now use the File viewer (display) widget.

It allows you to zoom and rotate at will!

For more details on this widget, checkout our documentation.


Next steps

Up next, we'll be releasing the File picker widget. Stay tuned!

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