Do you support SSO?

Yes, we natively support Google SSO.

When you invite a user to join your project on Forest Admin, they can choose to create their account using:

  • email + password
  • Google SSO

Here is the example of the account creation page following an invitation on Forest Admin:

Google SSO can be a handy option to manage access to your admin panel more easily:

  1. If a colleague leaves your company, you can ensure they'll no longer have access to your admin panel and other sensitive information.
  2. This also means you'll be able to take advantage of 2FA and other features offered by Google for enhanced security.

Current limitations

  • You can't enforce Google SSO on your project. After receiving an invitation, users will always have the choice to create an account using email + password or Google SSO.
  • If you ban a user from your Google Account, the session will persist on their browser. However, the auto-logout option allows you to automatically log a user out of Forest Admin.


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