Guidelines: How to efficiently ask for help on Slack

Before asking for help on Slack, make sure you have followed these simple steps which will solve your problem 80% of the time.

If you're still stuck, here are a few tips to get help as quickly as possible on our Slack:


  • Write 1 message only. Any additions should be added as a comment on your own message.
  • In your message, include the following:
    • your project name or id
    • a short description of your issue
    • any log details you may have (http code, console error message, etc)
    • ideally a screenshot or video showing it
  • Use formatting: using `  or ` ` `  for code snippets and/or bold for importance in your message will increase visibility greatly.


  • Do NOT use @channel or @here: you won't get our attention faster but would disturb a lot of people in the process
  • As mentioned above, don't split your issue in multiple messages: write 1 message only and any other messages in 1 thread as comments of your own message


To open Slack, click here.

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