How does Forest Admin access the data in my collections?

Forest Admin consists of two components:

  1. The Admin Frontend is the user interface where you'll manage your data and configuration.
  2. The Admin Backend API hosted on your servers where you can find and extend your data models and all the business logic (routes, actions, …) related to your admin panel.

The Admin Backend API will have two roles: 

  1. Analyse the structure of your database models and send the metadata (hidden fields, collections, segments configuration, note, etc.) required to build your Admin Frontend
  2. Send your application data to your Admin frontend so that you can access your data
This way we guarantee that your data remains invisible to our servers. 
Forest Admin uses a two-step authentication system to connect you to both Forest servers to interact with the UI configuration and to your Admin Backend API to get access to your application data.
Each of these steps is backed by a JWT authentication where the secret to access to the UI configuration is given by Forest Admin and the secret to interact with your Admin Backend API is chosen freely by you and is never disclosed to anyone.

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