March 13, 2019 Release

Today we're releasing the first of a series of releases on widgets.

A new paradigm

Widgets are what empower you to edit your data efficiently. Until today, you had a single widget to control both the way you edited your data and the way you displayed your data.

From now on, for each field, you can select 1 edit widget and 1 display widget. This grants you better control over how you edit your data and how you display your data.

Dropdown edit widget

Today we released only a new powerful widget: the dropdown edit widget.

With the dropdown edit widget, you can:

  • Control your list of values by entering them manually (static mode)
  • Plug your list to a dynamic dataset (dynamic mode). Coming Soon

As you can see, you can now also use labels for your widgets.

Badge display widget

Using the new badge display widget, you can also customize how your badges are displayed:

Many more widgets are coming

Next up, we'll be adding to many new edit and display widgets, including:

  • Dropdown (Dynamic mode) - Coming soon
  • Radio button - Released March 15, 2019
  • Checkboxes - Released March 15, 2019
  • Number
  • File picker
  • Rich content editor
  • Date picker

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