October 21, 2019 Release

What’s new this week in Forest Admin ?
As you might have noticed,  Breadcrumbs trail navigation is now live! This allows your users to better navigate within your data.
Smart Action Redirection
You can redirect to another page or an internal link after a Smart Action using the  redirectTo property.
See ex:router.post('/actions/return-and-track', Liana.ensureAuthenticated,
 (req, res) => {
     success: 'Return initiated successfully.',
     redirectTo: 'https://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/track?trackNumber=ZW924750388GB',
PS: For internal links, Friendly urls will be of great help (available soon).
Learn more from our documentation.
MongoDB search 
MongoDB search is now supported on Objectid and Number field (exact match only).

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