Why is it taking so long to load my data?

Here are some tips to improve your data display speed:

UI tips

  1. Reduce the number of records per page.
    We generally recommend not to exceed 50.

  2. Reduce the number of fields displayed
    You can hide some fields in your table view; this will not prevent you from seeing them in the record details view.

  3. Hide your relationship fields in the table view

Database Indexing

As Forest Admin generates SQL queries to fetch your data, creating indexes can improve the query response time. Indexing is a large subject but here a few tips about indexing:

  1. Index the Primary and Unique Key Columns

    Make certain that the primary key for each table and any unique key columns that exist are indexed

  2. Index the Foreign Key Column

    If a table contains one or more foreign key columns that reference other tables, you need to index those columns. When the foreign key column in a table is indexed, SQL Server can scan the indexes for the rows it needs instead of scanning both tables.

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